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By zebra rows, I am talking about the table design where the background color of rows alternate in color. By table sorter, I am talking about the Jquery plugin that makes table headers clickable. When clicked, the table is sorted by that particular table header. Here is the website for it: http://tablesorter.com/docs/

My problem: When a user sorts the table by clicking on a table header, the zebra rows do not work anymore.

Here is my code when a user clicks on a table header:

  $("th").click(function() {
    enableZebraRows('tbody tr:odd td', 'alt');

Here is my code that enables the zebra rows:

function enableZebraRows(selector, className) {

The function that enables zebra rows works well because on document ready, I use it, and it works.

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I assume that your zebra rows aren't correct after you sort.

You could just call enableZebraRows after you have sorted the table:

$("table").bind("sortEnd",function() {
    enableZebraRows(tbody tr:odd td', 'alt');
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