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I run Selenium as part of a JUnit test for a site, and once in a while, I see this failure: RuntimeException-result was neither 'true' nor 'false'

I cannot reproduce it. My code simply has a selenium.waitForCondition and a few assertTrue(selenium.isElementPresent) statements. I'm not sure what triggers this Error.

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please post the entire stack trace and the code where the failure occurs –  artbristol Jun 28 '11 at 8:22
It is something from one of your isElementPresent statements, since those should be returning true or false. Might your element expressions be invalid (as opposed to just not existing) in some cases? Posting them might help. –  borrible Jun 28 '11 at 10:39
I reproduced this by having a waitForCondition time out on the previous page (say page 1). Even though page 2 is independent of page 1, and is the next JUnit test, page 2 fails with the RuntimeException on its waitForCondition. Just strange that it should happen, because when a screenshot is taken, page 2 looks like it loaded fine. –  stumped Jun 28 '11 at 23:43

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