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i am using solr for my searches. in this i found a synonyms.text file in which you can include synonyms manually for the words u want.

But as i suppose it would be very hard to include synonyms manually for each word as my application has large data.

I want to know is there any way that this synonym.text file generate automatically referring to all dictionary words

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Thats imho not possible. You need at least a semantic relation between two words i.e tokens. IF you have something like a database including semantic synonym relations you can of course generate this data.

One example source would be wiktonary (XML Dump: Link). But there maybe other example dictionaries available but i think you will not get such a exhaustive source as you wish. Parsing the XML Dump of Wiktonary is maybe your best choice and you can even align synonyms across different languages if you happen to have a multi language index.

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