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I have some regular expression like that:


it's implement strings like 1.234.2421.222.11 Can i restrict max length of whole string (not quantity of groups)?

thanks a lot

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Note that (\d+\.)+ does not match 1.234.2421.222.11 in it's entire. Your pattern mandates it should end with a .. You probably want a pattern like this:


And to give the input string a max length, say a max of 15 chars, do something like this:


assuming your regex implementation supports look aheads.


Okay, if your regex implementation does not support look aheads, do it in two steps. Something like this (pseudo code):

if input matches ^\d+(\.\d+)*$ and ^.{0,15}$ do

or, as paxdiablo also mentioned, use your programming language's built-in function to get the length of the string.

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i see about last dot, it's a template for real time input checking, i cannot restrict last dot :) –  Nick Stavrogin Jun 28 '11 at 7:49
Thanks and sorry, i using regexp with delphi library, this syntax isn't supported. may be you know, how to make logical "and" operation with regexp? –  Nick Stavrogin Jun 28 '11 at 7:56
@ Nick There is no such thing as a logical AND in regex, you can mimic a logical AND by using lookaheads (?=). what seems to be not supported, then I think you need to go for 2 regexes –  stema Jun 28 '11 at 8:03

If your regex engine supports lookaheads, you can use something like:


(fixed to not require a trailing . character) and this embeds the length check within the same regex. You need to replace M and N with the minimum and maximum size respectively.

If your engine is not so modern as to have lookaheads, you need to do two regex chacks:


and ensure it passes them both. The first is the length check, the second is the content check.

But you may find that a regex is overkill for the length check, it's probably easier just to check the string length with Length().

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