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I'm trying to not repeat background.

Here is my code

$("body").css({background : "url(../img/bgr.png)", backgroundRepeat: 'none'});

The problem is that the background repeats. How to fix that ?

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Your problem is that background sets all background-related options while background-repeat is just a single one - which is overridden by background.

The best solution is using backgroundImage for the background image and backgroundRepeat for the repetition since that will not touch other background options which might already exist.

Another solution would be setting background to url(...) no-repeat

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Thanks I'll vote in four minutes – lovo2 Jun 28 '11 at 7:54
You don't have to wait for upvoting - just for accepting the answer ;) – ThiefMaster Jun 28 '11 at 8:02

Maybe you should give backgroundRepeat: 'no-repeat' a chance.

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use css class:


.bg {background:url(../img/bgr.png) no-repeat;}


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Try this:

$("body").css({background : "url(../img/bgr.png)", background-repeat: 'no-repeat'});
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Have you tried:

$("body").css({background : "url(../img/bgr.png) no-repeat" });

for dynamically,

$("body").css({background : 'url('+imageUrl+') no-repeat' })
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