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How to transfer a file over FTP from my local Windows machine to a server Linux machine, that to the folder location can only be opened with a username and password.

How to do that, I know, how to move one file from one location to another location on the same machine.


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you should probably add some information on whether you are attempting to do this programatically or if you just want to manually FTP a file as you haven't described how you want to do it in your question. – Sohnee Jun 28 '11 at 8:22
Does it mean something that you've tagged this question java? Or are you just hoping that it magically becomes programming-related if you throw in the name of a programming language as one of the tags? I don't see any mention in your question that you actually want to accomplish this in Java. Consider editing your question to include a discussion of things you've already tried, or at least what you've considered. – Cody Gray Jun 28 '11 at 11:15
@All : I mean that this thing I want to achieve with Java only. – M.J. Jun 28 '11 at 11:24
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You flagged the question with Java, so I assume you want do this programmatically.

  • JScape, iNet Factory: com.jscape.inet.ftp.Ftp
  • In software, IP*Works: ipworks.Ftp
  • Enterprise Distributed Technologies, Java FTP Client Library:
  • IBM alphaWorks, FTP Bean Suite:
  • SourceForge, JFtp:
  • The Jakarta Project, Jakarta Commons/Net:
  • JavaShop JNetBeans: jshop.jnet.FTPClient
  • Sun, JDK:
  • Florent Cueto, JavaFTP API: com.cqs.ftp.FTP
  • Bea Petrovicova, jFTP:
  • The Globus Project, Java CoG Kit:

Reference: Java FTP client libraries

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