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I'm building a spreadsheet to calculate aircraft flying hours which will exceed 24. I am aware of the [h]:mm format to force Excel to not use units of days.

I want to set a threshold number of hours which I will subtract a running total from. However with the [h]:mm format set if I enter 1 in the cell, for 1:00, instead it interprets it as 24:00 - one day.

How can I avoid this, so that I can do simple arithmetic with hours and minutes exceeding a 24 hour period?

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Type 1:0 or even just 1: instead of just 1

If you type 1 excel interprets this as the value 1, which is date serial value to 1 day (actually 1/1/1900)

If you type something that looks like a time (eg contains a :) then excel interprets it as a string representation of a time and converts it to the corresponding serial value (0.041666667 or 1/24) and applies the format so it displays as 1:00

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