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I've setup a simple mapping.

      nullable: true
      targetEntity: Language
      inversedBy: questions

The entity then generated has the following method

public function setLanguage(\Sf2MCQ\CoreBundle\Entity\Language $language)
    $this->language = $language;

But now my question is how can unset a language since I can't do setLanguage(null) ?

I'm using the adminBundle and that's what is he is trying to do so I don't know If I should rewrite the generated method or If I'm missing something.

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You can unset the language if you modify your setter so that the method's argument has default null value.

public function setLanguage(\Sf2MCQ\CoreBundle\Entity\Language $language = null)
    $this->language = $language;

Then $entity->setLanguage(null) works and null will be stored after persisting the entity.

More information about typehinting allowing null value, here: http://php.net/manual/en/language.oop5.typehinting.php

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