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table: USERS
| id | name | city_id |
| 1  | jonh |  1      |
table: CITY
| id | city_ name |
| 1  | London |

in action.class:

$this->user_list = Doctrine::getTable('Users')

and this generate:


| 1 | john | 1 |

how can i make:

| 1 | jonh | London |


i make in UsersTableClass:

public function getCityName($id) {

        $q = $this->createQuery('j')
        ->select('u.name, c.city_name')
        ->from('Users u')
        ->where('city_id = ?', $id)
        ->leftJoin('u.city c');

        return $q->fetchOne();   


and in action.class:

$this->user_list = Doctrine::getTable('Users')
$this->city_name = Doctrine::getTable('Users')->getCityName($this->user_list->getCityId());

then i have error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method Doctrine_Collection::getCityId()

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The reason you get the error is because you are calling getCityId() on the collection class: the query you execute (SELECT * FROM users....) returns multiple users, so it is a collection. You have to loop through the results to get the invidual results. If you expect a query to return only one result you can use fetchOne() instead of execute() on your query.

You can reference related records just by their relation name.

$this->user_list = Doctrine::getTable('Users')
      ->leftJoin('u.City');  // <-- Added for performance

foreach($this->user_list as $user) {
  $id = $user->id;                // is the same as $user->getId()
  $name = $user->name;            // == $user->getName(); 
  $cityName = $user->City->name;  // == $user->getCity()->getName();
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thanks! its very good! –  Tronic Tronic Jun 28 '11 at 8:55
return $q->execute()->getFirst();  

instead of

return $q->fetchOne();
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