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I am looking for an Android SDK for a location-based AR app I am developing.

These are the features I am looking for:

  1. Open-source framework preferred (Wikitude API requires an external install which is inconvenient).
  2. My application should easily open/close the camera view. Specifically, I'd like to open the camera view when the user holds the phone straight up and switch to a map view when it is flat. It would be great if the SDK already supports this :)
  3. I can add POIs from my application (not loading from a remote POI service) to the camera view, then the SDK would display markers within some distance from my current location.

I hope my description is clear enough. Thanks for any suggestions!

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As a followup, after trying so many different forks of Mixare, is the easiest and most simplistic to extend on. – Eric Chen Sep 2 '11 at 14:14
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For the AR part you can use this source code. For the 2nd functionality use the sensor to launch the intents. And the 3rd use a MapActivity, you can start with this example Good luck!

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Looks interesting .. I will give it a try. Thanks! – Eric Chen Jun 28 '11 at 14:46

You can try metaio Mobile SDK that offers complete location based AR. The popular AR browser junaio is based on this SDK.

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You can use junaio. Its free and supports both android and iphone platforms see the following link

Coding also very easy with junaio. Its PHP

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I understand junaio is not free. You can use junaio ar browser but it has watermark which you cant remove unless you purchase license. As far as I know the best solution so far is mixare ar. – vodich Feb 6 '13 at 8:10

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