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I want to populate a MySQL database with the information (i.e. not the files/folders themselves but their names+ other info) from a remote directory via FTP, retaining the hierarchical positions of the files.

I'm looking for existing libraries that do some or all of this, particularly the parsing of the text/strings returned from ftp output.

I've done some research here already but not found anything quite close enough:

I would use the following approach to store the file hierachy in MySQL:

Just thought I would ask before I potentially re-invent the wheel. If I don't get answers I'll assume what I'm asking for doesn't exist in entirety yet so I would post what my approach would be (as I have done with other, different questions I have posted here). Thanks in advance if you can offer advice though.

Using Perl to do this is not mandatory, any other cross platform language would be OK, e.g. C, C++, Java, PHP, Python. It's just that I'm "in-the-zone" with Perl doing a lot of work using it at the moment but am open to other languages having programmed extensively with most of those listed.

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With ncftpls you can do a remote directory listing, and then you can parse it with Perl or any other language. You will need the -R option to recurse through subdirectories.

ncftpls -R
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+1 looks good. Thank you very much. I'll read on up on it and feedback. I'll leave the question open for a little longer to give others the change to contribute. But, yes, this looks good. Thanks again. – therobyouknow Jun 28 '11 at 10:18
Parse with File::Listing. – daxim Jun 28 '11 at 10:49
+1 daxim for the parsing – therobyouknow Jun 28 '11 at 11:47
Accepted answer. I think I have everything I need, including daxim's comment. Thankyou both. – therobyouknow Jun 29 '11 at 8:37

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