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Am using Facebook's PHP API.

I need to get a list of friends, then a list of events for these friends.

I've saved my Facebook session ID, tokens etc in a DB and am accessing them through that. My permissions are all correct.

I've checked the Facebook Access Token linter and it says my access tokens are OK (expires Never) and I have all of the permissions I need.

However, when I use my Facebook account (new session) and when I use a saved account (older session, from database) I cannot get all of the information I need from Facebook.

When I used a saved account session, this API call works perfectly and returns the information I need...

$this->facebook->api('/' . $this->facebookId . '/friends')

However, this API call always returns an empty data set (even though I know there is data there)...

$this->facebook->api($api = '/' . $friendId . '/events')

So, to me, it looks like offline access and access tokens work for some API calls, but not for others.

Anyone else had similar problems? Know of any workarounds or solutions?


OK, I downloaded the latest version of the SDK...

And instead of using...


I'm now using


It has done the trick. Looks like if you are having similar problems, you need to update to the latest SDK....

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this is a common problem, facebook expires some access tokens and returns OAuth exceptions. The way out is to reauthenticate the users with failed API calls. – DhruvPathak Jun 28 '11 at 9:28
add the solution as an answer instead of an update and mark it as accepted. – bkaid Jun 28 '11 at 16:45

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