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I am using Delphi 7. Could you tell me if there is or can be found somewhere a procedure which acts like: CopyMemory but I would be able to copy memory from the specific number of byte.

I need something with the following signature:

procedure CopyMemory(Destination: Pointer; Source: Pointer; Length: DWORD; fromByte: Integer);

I need this, because I have to send unsent bytes over tcpip and that's the reason why I have to extract unsent bytes stored in the memory.

I have looked in the source and I would need to rewrite a little asm section. I have not touched asm for years and I would rather stay with something reliable ..


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Thank You all for your help! The solution was so simple and obvious. I forgot about it. Thanks again. – John Jun 28 '11 at 10:33
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procedure CopyMemory(Src, Dest: Pointer; Len: Cardinal; Offset: Integer);
  OffsetSrc: ^Byte;
  OffsetSrc := Src;
  inc(OffsetSrc, Offset);
  Move(OffsetSrc^, Dest^, Len);

But I think I'd probably prefer to do the pointer arithmetic outside a helper function.

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You could use this:

procedure CopyMemory(Destination: Pointer; Source: Pointer; Length, fromByte: Integer);

And don't rewrite the moving part. Rely on the VCL version. Or use the FastCode version if you need.

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@Johann Thanks for the FastCode link! :) – Arnaud Bouchez Jun 28 '11 at 12:36

You could still use CopyMemory, just use the address of the fist unsent byte as the source pointer.

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Just pass the address of the first byte you want to copy. Make sure you adjust the length.


  Dest   : TBytes;
  Source : TBytes;
SetLength (Dest, Length (Source) - FromByte);
CopyMemory (@Dest[0], @Source[FromByte], Length (Source) - FromByte);
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