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I have a template member in my class and I'd like to know if the class of this member inherits from a specific class.

class BaseClass;  
template <typename T>  
class MyClass  
    T* my_member;  
    void function()  
        BaseClass * base = dynamic_cast<BaseClass*>(my_member)  
        if(base != 0)
            // DO SOMETHING
            // DO SOMETHING ELSE

I know that dynamic_cast doesn't compile if the class of my_memberisn't polymorphic but I have no control on the Template Class it can be of polymorphic type or not (I am writing a library and my users can use any class they'd like).
Doesn't any one have an idea to implement this in a way that it compiles whether T is polymorphic or not? Thanks for any ideas

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I believe the is_polymorphic Boost type trait is the one you are looking for. You might want to take a look at the other type traits as well if there is one better suited for the task. Beware though, a lot of them are unimplemented, always check the documentation.

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