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I worked on Ubuntu before and familiar with apt, which is powerful but easy. However, now I get a Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 4 (Nahant Update 8), and I failed to install vim and svn client.

# yum search vim
vim-minimal.i386                         1:6.3.046-2.el4.1      installed

yum tells me that vim-minimal has been installed , but I can not find command "vim".

# yum install vim   #or vim-enhanced
No Match for argument: vim
Nothing to do

Sadly, yum don't wanna do anything for me. The same thing occurs when I want to install a svn client, I don't know "yum install ???" and "yum search svn" can't help me.

Yum is so different with apt so I can't do these jobs by myself, help me~~~

Thanks for your advice. I uninstall yum of rhel as4 and install yum of CentOS 4, that works for me.

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On many systems, the command vi is defined as an alias for vim, so you could just try to type in a console vi instead of vim.

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I hope this one can help you to install-vim-on-linux

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