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Really a very strange situation. I'm running Safari 5.0.5 and over the weekend I updated the OS to 10.6.8 and Interface Builder to the most recent Beta 2 build. Somewhere something went awry and as of yesterday I've not been able to get the Web Inspector activated. It's just dead.

Check it out: non-active web-inspector in Safari Mac window

When I activate Web Inspector with a right-click (or menu, or button):

  • the window pops up but Elements is not selected
  • Selecting Elements shows nothing. Nor Resources, Scripts, etc...nothing traces.
  • I have 3 accounts on the Mac, 2 user - 1 admin. DOA everywhere.

Web Inspector is like Laura Palmer......dead. Wrapped in plastic...

What I've done so far (spoiler - nothing's changed anything)

  • Removed preferences, all library preferences Safari, extensions
  • Safe booted
  • Rebuilt permissions with Disk Utility
  • Reinstalled 10.6.8 (1GB Combo Update)
  • Reinstalled Xcode 4.2 and iOS5 Beta2

Has anyone seen this before? I thought it might be due to the new Webkit in Xcode 4.2, but even a reinstall there isn't helping..

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Gutaker: - grab a copy of Safari 5.0.5 for Mac from apple's site (apple.com/safari), but dont try to install...it wont let you as it needs 10.6.7 update... - grab a copy of Pacifist from its sit - open Safari Safari5.0.5SnowLeopard.dmg - run Pacifist - from within the Pacifist open Safari5.0.5SnowLeopard.pkg, and in the tree right-click topmost root, select "Install to default location" - enter your pass - after all run disk repair - reboot and you're done! –  Holland Jun 28 '11 at 20:14
So you can run XCode 4.2 and Snow Leopard 10.6.8 together? this is great news! –  Comptrol Jul 23 '11 at 7:06

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