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I am pretty new in Java EE, i am trying use that .war file , but it seems index.jsp file doesn't show variable, I see only ${} ${thr.state} ${thr.priority} ${thr.daemon} I am tested it on jboss and tomcat 6


here is code:

package org.jboss.varia.threaddump.ThreadDumpBean;

import;import java.util.*;

public class ThreadDumpBean implements Serializable {

    private final Map traces;

    public ThreadDumpBean() {traces = new TreeMap(THREAD_COMP);traces.putAll(Thread.getAllStackTraces());}

    public Collection getThreads() {return traces.keySet();}

    public Map getTraces() {return traces;}

    /*** Compare the threads by name and id.*/
    private static final Comparator THREAD_COMP = new Comparator() {  
        public int compare(Thread o1, Thread o2) {    
            int result = o1.getName().compareTo(o2.getName());    
            if (result == 0) {      
                Long id1 = o1.getId();      
                Long id2 = o2.getId();      
                return id1.compareTo(id2);    
            return result;  

and .jsp:

<%@ taglib prefix="c" uri="" %>

<jsp:useBean id="threadDump"

<h2>Thread Summary</h2>
<table cellpadding="5" cellspacing="5">
  <c:forEach items="${threadDump.threads}" var="thr">
      <td><c:out value='<a href="#${}">${}</a>' escapeXml="false"/></td>
      <td><c:out value="${thr.state}"/></td>
      <td><c:out value="${thr.priority}"/></td>
      <td><c:out value="${thr.daemon}"/></td>

<h2>Thread Stack Traces</h2>
<c:forEach items="${threadDump.stackTraces}" var="trace">
  <h4><c:out value='<a name="${}">${trace.key}</a>' escapeXml="false"/></h4>
  <c:forEach items="${trace.value}" var="traceline">
      at <c:out value="${traceline}"/></c:forEach>

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Please provide some code. – Giann Jun 28 '11 at 10:38
I found code here:… – dieeying Jun 28 '11 at 10:44

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If you deploy the JSP page on Tomcat 6 you need to enable the expression language to use it (for reasons of backwards compatibility this is disabled by default). That can either be done by creating a web.xml file where the version of the Servlet spec is set to at least 2.4. Your web.xml file should look something like this:

<web-app id="TreadDumpApp" version="2.4"


To use EL outside JSP tag attributes, you need to add event more magic to the web.xml

<web-app {...magic from above...}>    

You should also be able to force this single page to allow EL, but adding this declaration in the top of the page:

<%@ page isELIgnored ="false" %> 

Yeah, that double negation is quite elegant, eh? ;-)

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thx a lot, (probably) it was helpful ; ) – dieeying Jul 1 '11 at 10:31

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