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Now I'm trying to install Passenger for RoR on Ubuntu 11.04. I already have apache2 and RoR, also I installed passenger gems. But when I continue with this command: sudo passenger-install-apache2-module it says that he can't find this command. By the way, command 'passenger' he also don't know.

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Depending on how you installed the passenger gem the passenger-install-apache2-module file could be in a few different places.

If you are using the default 1.8.7 ruby installation on Ubuntu it should be in here...


In there you should find a passenger folder with the version you installed, example...


Within that folder there should be a bin/ directory, and within there is passenger-install-apache2-module

Failing that, make sure you installed the gem with sudo and try again.

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thanks, i installed passenger and found folder, but the another problem..console(command line) doesn't do command 'passenger start', for says: 'passenger' unknown command – Aaxenon Jun 28 '11 at 16:05

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