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I've been googling for hours and it just failed me.

Are there any DAL/ORMs that support mysql/google app engine besides the one in web2py?

I'm working on a tornado webapp and I need the abstraction badly.

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Django with Django-nonrel for AppEngine support.

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As far as i know , you cannot use a relation database inside GAE, (although you can use a webservice to do the same), there is no way to achieve the same directly.

Django-nonrel is an independent branch of Django that adds NoSQL database support to the ORM. The long-term goal is to add NoSQL support to the official Django release.

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The OP is asking about a library that lets him transparently use the App Engine datastore or an SQL database, not a library that lets him use an SQL database on App Engine. –  Nick Johnson Jun 29 '11 at 1:11

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