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I am starting to explore the game development using unity 3d for android. I have downloaded the trial version of unity 3.3. I went through few tutorials.

I have one question that is not answered. In the normal apps which we develop using eclipse, we can deploy onto mobile by copying the apk file. What about unity 3d? How do I get the game onto my phone. I don't want to publish on market.

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What do you mean? With the SDK installed all I have to do is Build & Run - it will already push it to the device. Couldn't be simpler. – cregox Nov 28 '11 at 17:13

It is possible to transfer your assets to Eclipse. When it's integrated you can debug via your android phone. Be sure to read the tutorial on Unity's homepage. There is a step by step start-up guide and some more. Following links are worth looking at:

It would seem that the official "integration" link is broken so I updated with a forum post that covers the same topic. However I recommend to try with the official link first.

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Very good answer – vnshetty Sep 9 '11 at 12:50
@Mazze Second link seems to be broken. – vArDo Jul 20 '12 at 9:18
The post has been updated with an alternative link – Mazze Jul 23 '12 at 9:25

Yes, you can simply copy the apk to your device and install it. Unity builds an apk file (and will optionally sign it using a keystore that you provide or let it generate for you). Once it has built that apk you can deploy it normally. You can even have it include a customized manifest in the apk that it builds if you want to (but it generates a nice one from your settings in the unity project by default).

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There are two methods for this, as far i understand,

  • Using Build Settings--> Build, It builds the apk file that can be installed on your device using adb install <apk file path and name>
  • Using Build Settigs--> Build and Run. Which automatically installs the apk built apk file on your device if connected
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As it is still unanswered I try to close this question

First of all, current version of Unity 5.2 is much more powerfull than version 3.3. mentioned in original question.

What about unity 3d? How do I get the game onto my phone. I don't want to publish on market.

The same way. Unity allows you to publish build as *.apk on ocal machine and then you can just copy it to your phone and install it.

What is more cool, now you can debug your application running on phone. You have to install Unity Remote to the phone and run. Now you can set breakpoints and debug as normally.

If you change your mind and go to publish on Market - Unity will sign your *.apk

Hope this helps someone, good luck!

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Note that this question was asked in 2011, alot has happened in five years. – Mazze Jun 8 at 13:59

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