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How do we check to see if the browser browsing a webpage is CSS3 capable. I know how to check for which browser is coming in using PHP but how do we check specifically that the browser supports CSS3.

Any ideas,


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As a side note to the answers that have been posted, CSS is designed in such a way that browsers ignore CSS that they don't recognize. So, for example, IE7 will ignore border-radius:5px. This means that for solely implementing CSS3 stuff, you don't necessarily have to detect what's available. This, of course, depends on what you're doing and how you're handling fallbacks. –  Shauna Jun 28 '11 at 12:57
It is for the purpose of building a fallback to JQuery if transitions are not possible –  Robin Knight Jun 28 '11 at 14:19

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PHP (and I imagine any other server-side technology) has no idea about a browser's CSS capabilities. However on the client side, you can use Modernizr and handle rendering of your page based on the guides it gives you about what CSS3 properties a browser supports.

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No browser supports all of CSS 3. Many browsers support bits of CSS 3.

You can detect some CSS 3 features with Modernizr, but that uses client side scripting.

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CSS3 is not 'one' feature that you can detect. Browsers implement parts of it one after another. So, for example, IE 9 implements parts of CSS3 like box-shadow, but does not support some other things.

What you could do is make a list of browsers that support a given CSS3 feature and test the user agent. If you do this, http://caniuse.com/ may be a good help.

But I dont recommend this. The best way to check certain features will be client-side, for example with Modernizr.

Edit: If you need to provide a fallback, do it client-side too. Modernizr optionally includes a library named yepnope, with which you can easily load files if the browser doesnt support something. This could look like this:

  test : Modernizr.csstransitions,
   nope : ['jquery.js', 'transitions-fallback.js']

This code snippet would test for csstransitions and if they are not available, it would load jQuery and the transitions fallback js file.

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You can't do a blanket check because of the patchy support of CSS3 and the variances between browsers. See here: How to check a certain CSS capability in a browser using JavaScript?

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I'd recommend you to use Modernzir - http://www.modernizr.com/

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There is some web tools that can check how your browser is css3 compatible:

Selector test



And there is a lot more...

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Using PHP's get_browser function you can do

$cssversion = get_browser(null, true)['cssversion'];

This will tell you the highest version the browser supports but as others have stated browser do not support every attribute within a version.

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