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I have 2-3 layers in my movie clip and i wanto access them using ActionScript code.
I want to show hide and access Elemts(buttons, text box) in that layer.

So how can i do that using ActionScript-3


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You can't access the IDE layers programmatically. The best approach would be to group your layer contents into MovieClips with instance names that you can then call though code.

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This is how I did it,

You cannot hide layers in actionscript.

You can put what you want to hide or show as a movieclip object.

Just go to insert and insert a movieclip object.

After this, put the movieclip object on the layer, just the same way you put images onto a layer.

However you must name this instance inorder to access it.

So if its called Movie1

this is how you access it,


trace(""+_root.Movie1); //Just to be sure its defined

//To hide it just do this _root.Movie1_visible = false;

//To show it just do this _root.Movie1_visible = true;

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