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ps = new PrintServer(printserverName);

PrintQueue pq1 = new PrintQueue(ps, pq.Name); 

As per my understanding, pq1 is a printer Queue which will handle print jobs.

I want to catch events for this print queue.

For example, if user A gives a print then this print job is added into the queue.I want to catch this job added into the queue event.So, I can know how many pages are allowed to user or validating the user.

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No events, polling with a timer is required. Counting pages and blocking users is not exactly supported. – Hans Passant Jun 28 '11 at 13:49

As I understand it, ou can handle your OWN print queues (AddJob for example ..) but you cannot intercept the printjobs of other users.

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Exactly i want to catch AddJob event.You know any code snippet for tha same. – Ashutosh Jun 29 '11 at 11:16

Looks like at the win32 API level you have an option to hook up to queue events:

I Could not find the same in .NET unless you keep polling for the job collection for the queue.

Take a look at:


Notify of any changes to a job. You can set this general flag or one or more of the following specific flags:


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