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I am using the following code to select an item from list.

;Selects a particular Process from the combobox
_GUICtrlComboBox_SelectString($hQueueCombo, $q_index)

Usually after selection it should update the value in another box but it is not generating the event attached to this selection. Any Idea what I am missing here. Please guide

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Solved the Problem by the following code. Actually we also need to send a notification to window

 $hQueueCombo = ControlGetHandle($title, "", $sQueueComboId)
 _GUICtrlComboBox_SelectString($hQueueCombo, $sText)
 $val = BitShift($iCode, -16)
 $handle = WinGetHandle($title, "")
 _SendMessage($handle, $WM_COMMAND, $val, $hQueueCombo)

Hope it helps someone

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