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I am using Microsoft Sync Framework 2.1 to sync SQLSERVER and SQLSERVERCe databases. Syncing is working fine for simple insert, update and delete operations in any one the databases. Here I am using upload and download both for Sync directions. but problem occurs when I sync both databases having same primary key values that is ID value is same in syncing database tables. I got this exception error specifically CONSTRAINTEXCEPTION that states "Column 'ID' is constrained to be unique. Value '5' is already present."

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I think that is a valid exception. even without using Sync Framework, you cant insert the same Primary Key value in a table.

see Selecting an Appropriate Primary Key for a Distributed Environment for guidelines in choosing keys for tables in Sync Framework

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thanx JuneT... this article was really very helpful. – SST Jun 29 '11 at 11:41

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