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I have a DataGrid that is displaying Data. I want to implement view switching functionality in WPF. I have read online and they say it's not possible with Data Grid .

There is also a topic that explains thumbnail view:

WPF: ListView with icons view?

But how to implement the same three view in the same control?

To be exact, I want the functionality like Windows Explorer where we can change the view from a dropdown list.

Some help in this regard would be great.

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You are right. This is not something that the DataGrid supports. You can create your own views for the ListView, see the following article:

How to: Create a Custom View Mode for a ListView

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Thanks for your reply.. I am Using BureauBlue.xaml Theme form WPF codeplex site... bucause of which i am not able to use Custom view inside a ListView i can only show data if i use a GridView and then assign a cell template i cant remove the theme as its used in the application.... Not data is populated if i use the above method in my project –  Ankesh Dave Jul 1 '11 at 10:17
is there ne way to overide that behaviour –  Ankesh Dave Jul 3 '11 at 10:10
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