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Is there a library (like Wink Toolkit, Sencha Touch or jQuery Mobile) that offers autocomplete solutions for web apps out of the box?

I need to apologize because I forgot to add its all about a mobile web app.

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The question is excellent. I'm just currently dealing with the very same design problem. Current auto-complete solutions work very poorly on mobile devices (if at all).

Luckily there is jQuery Mobile for which you can get jQM Autocomplete as a plugin. See also accompanying design notes.

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jQuery UI has autocomplete.

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Hi, i ment a solution for mobile. – Bartosz Stankiewicz Jun 29 '11 at 12:56

there are in fact several.

jQuery UI has auto complete.

Ajax ControlToolkit has autocomplete control (for c#)

Mootools auto complete

Hope it helps.

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Haven't used any autocomplete function for Sencha Touch myself but I know that there is a feature called "combobox" which has that functionality and Sencha Touch developers could use.

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Implementing autocomplete on mobile makes you have into account that user is more prone to typing errors, and also has a changing connection.

I made an autocomplete with jQuery UI autocomplete but it performed poorly on mobile. Maybe you could have a different experience with it.


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YUI3 AutoComplete helps me, this works good on my iphone

demo (( YUI2 )) ::

tutorial (( YUI3 )) ::

hope this helps n__n

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jQuery UI library has a autocomplete widget. Check it here

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Please check it yourself on mobile.... On my Kitkat Android 4.4.2 Phone, The autocomplete looks awfull..... – Cooluhuru Jan 16 '14 at 8:31

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