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I'm building a site with Drupal 7.2 and Views 3.0, and 30+ useful modules. I know little about urls, arguments, PHP, SQL... The title of my question might be ambiguous, so here's the context:

For example, I've created a content type named "articles", and with Views, I've made a list of articles (or teaser), and set the url to example.com/articles.

I added a field named "type" (list, checkbox) to this content type, now I can enter Views-> Filter Criteria, and expose the "type", and configure arguments in "Filter identifier". and now I can get urls like this: example.com/articles?type=type1, example.com/articles?type=type2"...

But, I also want to make the url like this: example.com/articles?type=type1&display=list&sort=top-rated, I don't know how to set the pattern of display (list, grid..) and the pattern of sorting (hottest, latest, top-rated, most-commented...) in the urls as arguments. Are there any modules or methods that can help? Thanks everybody for help!

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I am not aware of an easy way to do this with your requirements. The first thing that comes to mind is creating separate page views for each type of sort and putting that in the path for the page view. I have also not heard of a way to set the display in the url other than having separate urls.

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well, in D7, adding a sort criteria can only sort the content ascendingly or descendlingly according to some type, but it relies on some dropdown select box. I've found a useful discussion about this issue, but I still cannot figure it out. Here's the link: drupal.org/node/228510 –  MessyCS Jun 28 '11 at 18:20
@MessyCS ah ok, I missed that, so you want to be able to change what the sort is through the url not just the sort order? I don't think that is possible as of now, though you could possibly still make multiple "page views" with different paths each with a different sort/display type –  Laxman13 Jun 28 '11 at 18:41
Yeah, yeah, that's what I mean, I've tried to set each sort/display a different path. While in this case there're some influential factors for example, pager numbers. And, if each possibility has been set a path, I think it'll turn out to be a little complicated. Arguments in urls look beautiful and efficient, but it's really a headache to us developers... –  MessyCS Jun 28 '11 at 19:04

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