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I have created a java library project. The binaries are available at <project-dir>/bin. The test classes are available at <project-dir>/bin/com/myproject/test. I need to exclude archiving of my test classes. So, I wrote the following code:

<target depends="build-all" name="build-dist">
    <jar destfile="app.jar" basedir="bin" excludes="com/myproject/test/*.class" />

This works fine. But in the archive the directory test is still available. How to remove this?


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The best solution is to keep test Java and class files in different directories. So instead of compiling them into bin, compile them in a second step into bin-test. This also makes sure that the non-test code can't see test classes (compilation will fail if you accidentally import a test in a production class).

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<jar destfile="app.jar" basedir="bin" excludes="com/myproject/test/" />
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The trailing ** is not needed. See: 'There is one "shorthand": if a pattern ends with / or \, then ** is appended'. – martin clayton Jun 28 '11 at 15:27
Good tip; I wasn't aware. I updated the answer, thanks. – Brett Kail Jun 28 '11 at 17:32

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