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How does the Facebook app go about downloading/displaying the images in photo galleries? They appear to load in at varying times which would indicate some degree of threading? Surely the app doesn't spawn X amount of threads (where X is the number of pictures) as this would cause performance issues? Can anyone enlighten me as I would like to use something similar in my app (I will be regularly downloading a large amount of photos and displaying them in the app so downloading them one after another takes too long). Also, these photos change on a fairly regular basis so downloading once and cacheing isn't really an option.

Is there some kind of framework/solution around that might help me achieve something similar to Facebooks galleries?



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The code the Facebook app uses to do this has been open-sourced as the three20 library. This functionality is provided in TTPhotoViewController.

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Have a look at the LazyTableImages example from Apple. The images are downloaded asynchronously and have a reference back to where they are supposed to be displayed.

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I would recommend you use this Library, ASIHTTPRequest, which is like an extended version of the NSURLRequest. I have been using it to download images for later display, asynchronously. It has a nice CACHE implementation which saves bandwidth and loading times on your app.

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