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I'm writing a hybride app for iOS using phonegap, jquery, html, css. I have a selectbox that works as normal on Mac OS Safari. However, on an iPad, the box that popups when you click the select box is really huge. How can I control a size of this box?

I could not 'inspect element' that box because as soon as I right click on that box, it disappear right away. BTW, what's the name of that box?

If I change the width and height of <option>, nothing changes. I can only change the size of <select> box.

Here is the jsfiddle to give you an idea what I'm trying to do.

I thought of canceling all default event and create my own <div>, then allow it to popup when users click on the select box. That way, I can control the <div> size. However, it's time consuming and maybe not worth it.

Can anyone give me some suggestions?


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I figured out jQuery mobile has a whole section on select menu, and I can adjust its css to get what I want.

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