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Hi I am developing a site for desktop.The site renders the contents for desktop size.But when I see it in mobile the content is not properly rendered. How can I make a site that fits all mobile screen sizes say Blackberry,Android,iPhone, etc. Can anybody mention any articles. I know only HTML. Thanks in advance.

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I remember looking into myself a while ago and finding this video tutorial on net-tuts+ to be a good starting point

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It is hard to make a single site that looks good on both mobile and desktop. Resolution is not the only problem, the very way the user interacts with you site changes on a mobile device. That said, the typical thing to do is to have a mobile style sheet which is loaded for mobile, and a desktop sheet for desktop. You might even go so far as to limit some of your content on mobile to make the page lighter.

I found to be a good source of info.

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