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I'm writing a script that imports products from one of our suppliers, and I have almost everything importing correctly except product images.

From what I can tell, the product images are described in the files and content_field_image_cache tables. There don't seem to be any problems with the files table, so here is my code for inserting into content_field_image_cache.

$fileData->vid = $vid;
$fileData->nid = $nid;
$fileData->delta = 0;
$fileData->field_image_cache_fid = $fid;
$fileData->field_image_cache_list = 1;
drupal_write_record('content_field_image_cache', $fileData);

When I import products, the image file shows up in the correct directory, and a row is inserted into files with the correct path and an auto incremented fid. A row is also inserted into content_field_image_cache with the correct vid, nid, and delta, but every other field is set as NULL. Even when I set $fileData->field_image_cache_fid = 1 or some other random integer, it still comes up NULL.

How do I insert this data? Or, if you know of an easier method in the API for this task, please post it.

Edit: db_query("INSERT INTO {content_field_image_cache} VALUES (%d, %d, 0, %d, 1, NULL)", $vid, $nid, $fid); doesn't even work! What the balls?!

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After many ideas and failed attempts, I discovered that the entry is being added to the content_field_image_cache table before I have the chance to touch it. I have no idea what is inserting it; it's nothing in my code. Anyway, I found that using an UPDATE solved my problem.

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