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In Excel, I would like to round to the nearest fibonacci number.

I tried something like (sorry with a french Excel):


where FIBO is a named range (0; 0,5; 1;2;3;5;8;etc.)

my problem is that this function rounds to the smallest number and not the nearest. For example 12.8 is rounded to 8 and not 13.

Note: I just want to use an excel formula, and no VBA

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Why do you have 0.5 as a Fibonacci number? – Lance Roberts Jun 28 '11 at 15:58
Well, this is a pseudo fibonacci list used by agilists to estimate user stories weight. It also includes 20 40 and 100 (or infinite) – Cédric Jun 29 '11 at 9:01

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This will work:

    INDEX(FIBO,1,(MATCH(C7,FIBO,1)+1)))/2, MATCH(C7,FIBO,1)+1, MATCH(C7,FIBO,1)))
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Wow ! Thanks. Translated in french Excel for those who might be interested : =INDEX(FIBO;1; SI(C7>=(INDEX(FIBO;1;(EQUIV(C7;FIBO;1)))+INDEX(FIBO;1;(EQUIV(C7;FIBO;1)+1)))/2; EQUIV(C7;FIBO;1)+1; EQUIV(C7;FIBO;1))) – Cédric Jun 29 '11 at 9:02
Interesting. chr – Fionnuala Sep 29 '11 at 12:31

Define the target number Targ, relative to which we want to find the closest Fib number.


n = INT(LN(Targ*SQRT(5))/LN((1+SQRT(5))/2))

It follows that Fib(n) <= Targ <= Fib(n+1)

where one can compute Fib(n) and Fib(n+1) via

Fib(n) = ROUND(((1+SQRT(5))/2)^n/SQRT(5),0)

Finally find the closest Fib number to Targ using the computed values of Fib(n) and Fin(n+1).

Not as compact as the other solution presented since it requires a few helper formulas, but it requires no table for Fib numbers.

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