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What is the equivalent of [TestFixtureSetUp] of NUnit in XUnit? We have explored and found that IUseFixture is the equivalent of [TestFixtureSetUp] but its not working as expected. As we have explored(in case of nUnit), we found that [TestFixtureSetUp] marked methods for code to be executed only once before all test in the fixture have been run. In xUnit equivalent of [TestFixtureSetUp] is IUseFixture as we have explored. But during testing, we found that the 'SetFixture' method of IUseFixture is being called before every Test(Not only once for all method).

Kindly guide us that how can we achieve the above in xUnit. Also correct us if we are misunderstanding something. Thanks

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There is no direct equivalent of [TestFixtureSetUp] in XUnit, but you can achieve similar functionality. This page lays out the translation between NUnit and XUnit (as well as a couple other C#/.NET test frameworks). However, XUnit largely got rid of setups/teardowns (this article explains why that decision was made). Instead, you need the test suite to implement an interface called IUseFixture<T> which can initialize some data for the fixture.

You might also want to read this overview of XUnit, written from the perspective somebody coming from an NUnit/MbUnit background.

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Thanks Laepdjek. We got the point. We can initialize T(of IUseFixture<T>) in its (T's) constructor and it will be shared in all the the test methods. –  user819492 Jul 12 '11 at 7:31
Given how xUnit is in general much more intuitive than other testing frameworks, I find it surprising that the solution is so... cumbersome. –  nathanchere Sep 7 '11 at 10:59

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