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I have a form that users need to fill out, it is sort of time consuming on a touchscreen keyboard, so I want to "autocomplete" suggestions based on some user input such as zipcode

Instead of the user entering their Address, City, State, Zip Code

the user can instead enter Address, Zip Code and get auto filled suggestions for city and state.

They can then edit those if they are incorrect, but many times it will be correct enough, especially for state.

How would this be done in Android with the smallest app footprint. I've seen that google has some kind of geocode API but I'm not sure if it is relevant to android

Any insight appreciated

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For the smallest app footprint, if you make no assumptions about where the user is you'll need to use some sort of web service to get this. A cursory googling reveals this as an example.

If for some reason you only expect users from a small geographic area (like just around a single city) to be using your app, a baked in database/lookup file would be feasible, but not for covering the whole county.

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I like it, but its too slow. I need to tap into one of google's services if possible –  CQM Jun 28 '11 at 17:28

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