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I'm writing python code to do numerical analysis, and I've been using ipython or ipython -pylab as my command line interface. I often run into situations where some code is taking for-freaking-ever to run, and I need to stop it. However, Ctrl-C is problematic; sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't do anything, and sometimes it quits the whole process (very annoying.) How can I make it so that hitting Ctrl-C always always works? It seems as if the times that it doesn't work are those where it is executing code in some other module.

Thanks much.

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You are probably running a background thread that is swallowing the signal, there is no real way of prohibiting that, compare http://www.dabeaz.com/python/GIL.pdf

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Some of the stuff IPython 0.10.x does for -pylab will automatically run background threads (to allow GUI event loops to run). I think this should be improved in IPython 0.11, which is due for release within the next week or so. –  Thomas K Jun 28 '11 at 17:12

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