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For a website I am developing I am using multiple @font-face's to style certain texts. For one of my fonts, it displays great in all browsers for Mac and Windows with one exception, Chrome on Windows (It is happening in Vista & Windows 7).

In that browser the font is being used but the spaces for the text are being displaying as boxes.

I have checked Chrome for Mac and the problem does not exists. I have looked around online and found a lot of stuff about Chrome displaying boxes/squares when it cannot render the characters/fonts correctly such as with Japanese/Chinese sites. None of the solutions mentioned there, such as clearing the cache or restarting my comp, seem to be working.

I'm not sure any of those cases apply here as well as my font is appearing on the site but only the spaces appear as squares. This is not happening with any of the other @font-face fonts I'm using either.

Other solutions I have found online include making sure you have the font installed locally. This is not an option as I cannot ask everyone who visits a website to install a font on their computer.

I would attach a link but the project is on a developmental server right now.

Has anyone else run into this issue and does anyone have any idea how to fix this rendering problem?

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I was just searching for this answer myself after trying many different approaches this year. I finally solved it by adding unicode characters to the font generator.

The short answer is to add this to your Font Squirrel settings for Unicode Range:

0085, 000A, 000B, 000C, 000D, 2028, 2029

The long answer is available at this question: Chrome 10/Windows @font-face encoding trouble

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