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I want to retrieve and then download the YouTube Insight CSVs for my videos. Following the instructions in this question: PHP Youtube API - Getting Insight Data, I wrote the following code:

$httpClient = Zend_Gdata_AuthSub::getHttpClient($sessionToken);
$yt=new Zend_Gdata_YouTube($httpClient,$clientName,$applicationName,$developerKey);


But when I iterate through the links i get in the feed (using ->getLink('')), I see no link for the CSV (That is, a link with 'rel=http://gdata.youtube.com/schemas/2007#insight.views' I'm authenticated and I'm the owner of the videos. What am I doing wrong?

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Why is no one answering? Is this a bad question? –  user793843 Jul 6 '11 at 9:46

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