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"The Secret Lives of Numbers" is a Java applet with a very interesting visualization that shows the distribution of the numbers through Internet (please click in the previous link to see it. It is quite nice).

I want to implement a similar user interface, in terms of having a user interface with the possibility of zooming in and out and panning, and a similar "look and feel".

Any idea about what tools or libraries might have been utilized in this project?

Edit: I am mostly ignorant about Java. I usually program in Python. Since I want to use an applet, I think is would be easier to do this using Java. It is also a good excuse to learn Java.

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That visualization is really nice! I just looked in the .jar file of their applet, and they did not use any library to do this. At least no public available. Everything is implemented in a handful of classes, and by looking at their names you can get an idea of the bits and pieces you might want to implement to get something similar:

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