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I am using HTMLParser (org.htmlparser) to parse HTML. I have used it to visit tags and get tag attributes like this one:

NodeVisitor linkvisitor = new NodeVisitor() {
    public void visitTag(Tag tag) {
        if ("script".equalsIgnoreCase(name)) {
            String srcValue = tag.getAttribute("src");
            // do stuff 
        // How to get value instead of tag?     

However now I need to get the value in between a tag, say, the <script> tag?

Thanks in advance.

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Not saying there is anything wrong with htmlparser but have you considered JSoup? –  Andrew White Jun 28 '11 at 18:25
@Andrew, thanks for the hint. Just got to JSoup site, it looks like interesting, I will definitely look into it. After all, the design of my code I very loosely-coupled and I can switch from parser to parser. Thanks again. –  xybrek Jun 29 '11 at 3:06

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Because you already know that the Tag is a script tag you should be able to cast it to a ScriptTag. Then you should be able to use the CompositeTag.getStringText().

NodeVisitor linkvisitor = new NodeVisitor() {
  public void visitTag(Tag tag) {
    if (tag.getTagName().equals("SCRIPT")) {
      ScriptTag script = (ScriptTag)tag;
      String srcValue = script.getAttribute("src");
      String text = script.getStringText();

See the Javadocs for NodeVisitor for a description about seting up the visitTag method.

If you are only concerned with tags that have end tags you can see if it is an instance of CompositeTag, otherwise the tag does not have an end tag (<tag/>). Then call the getStringText() method I mentioned above.

if(tag instanceof CompositeTag) {
  CompositeTag cTag = (CompositeTag)tag;
  String text = cTag.getStringText();
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