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I made a report with about 30 different rectangles and textboxes that have different visibility expressions depending on the parameters. (It's a student invoice and many different messages have to appear depending on the semester) When I made all the expressions I coded in the parameters in all upper case. Now I have a problem when users enter lowercase letters, the SQL all works fine since it is not case sensitive, but the different rectangles and textboxes don't show. Is there a way in the report code to first capitalize all the parameters before running the SQL? Or do I actually have to go back to every visibility expression and add separate iif's for upper and lower case? (That seems incredibly silly to have to do). I can't change my parameters to numbers because I have been given strict requirements for input. Thanks.

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I do not know if this is the most elegant solution, but you could accomplish this by following this procedure for every parameter on the Report Parameters page:

1)Re-name the parameter, leaving its prompt as that of the old parameter.

2)Add a new parameter with the same name as the old parameter.

3)Mark this new parameter as Hidden.

4)Make sure that the new parameter's available values are marked as non-queried(available values will never be actually used.)

5)Mark the Default Values as Non-queried, using the following syntax: =ucase(Parameters!OldParameterName.Value)

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Can't you just UCASE the params (do it in the xml view, it will be quicker and you might even be able to do a regex find/replace)

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