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Jquery 1.6.1. Joomla 1.5.

I have created a template witch will animate headers height and fadein headers content.

At the same time content area is hidden. What i want to do is : somehow make content Div appear when i click a menu option from header and stay there untill i click a close button.

I cant figure out how to "bypass" the page's refresh problem.

Thanks in advance

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Maybe you could go to "http://jquery.com/", and then click "Run code" on the example : it makes a div appear with content.

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You could try something like this, assuming the buttons have an id '#id' and content has '#idContent' otherwise just change the naming convention to work with it.

 $.bind('click', function(){

This is just an example. You can always change it around to customize your size, but that is the idea.

Sometimes i need to use 'visibility','visible'/'hidden'(instead of display block). It depends; try both.

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