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I'm using the TAP::Formatter::HTML module from CPAN in Perl/Windoes. I notice that there is an option that allows us to redirect the HTML output in a file viz. output_file().

However, I think I'm missing something.

I tried using $fmt->output_file($outputfile) but to no avail.

It gives me the following error: Can't locate object method "output_fh" via package "TAP::Formatter::HTML" at tap .pl line 12.

Could someone tell me what am I missing? A sample code that explains how to redirect the output would be ideal.

I checked a post by a user named "knb" who seems to have worked with this module. I hope he reads this as well.



use TAP::Harness;
use IO::Handle;
use TAP::Formatter::HTML;
use File::Glob::Windows;
use TAP::Parser::Aggregator;

my $fmt = TAP::Formatter::HTML->new;

my @tests = glob( 'te*.pl');
my $harness = TAP::Harness->new( { formatter => $fmt, merge => 1 } );


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what's in $outputfile? –  Cfreak Jun 28 '11 at 20:05
out.html I'm updating my original post with the code. –  mkhan Jun 28 '11 at 20:21
knb here. Thanks for mentioning me. However, I don't have time to lookup my code right now. I usually run my test scripts on linux. Will get back to you tomorrow. –  knb Jun 29 '11 at 21:43

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I had a bit of problems to install it on Windows (needed to skip tests to proceed), but your simplified script works for me:

use TAP::Harness;
use TAP::Formatter::HTML;

my $fmt = TAP::Formatter::HTML->new;
my $harness = TAP::Harness->new( { formatter => $fmt, merge => 1 } );


This built output.html file with test results. It however did not properly include javascripts and css files.

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