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For a Tab Bar app:

Using Interface Builder I am having a miserable time making a connection from a Tab Bar View to a IBAction in a File View Controller.

I believe the basics are simple; namely, control-drag from a Controller to a View to generate a IBOutlet and control-drag from a View to a Controller to generate a IBAction.

I have written

-(IBAction )some:(id)sender;

in the FirstViewController.h and

-(IBAction )some:(id)sender

in FirstViewController.m

When I click on MainWindow.xib and then control-click on First View Controller under Tab Bar Controller I see the "Received Actions some".

But, I do not see "some" in the Console after I run the iApp.

A much more basic question that will definitely show my ignorance, but I'll take a chance:

If I control-drag from the First View Controller when MainWindow.xib is showing over to the .m source folder and rest over -(IBAction )some {...}, shouldn't I see a popup or something that says connect.

John Love

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Why do you need the IBAction? The UITabBarController will handle the user taps in the tab button by itself. You just need to specify the name of your XIB in order to make the tab work.

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You're right .. I just added the IBAction stuff to each -viewDidLoad –  John Love Jul 12 '11 at 13:21
What do you mean by "IBAction stuff"? –  RuiAAPeres Jul 12 '11 at 13:26

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