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We have an application that uses MongoDB for log keeping. We run a pair of machines in replica set. One machine is used for writes, another for reads (reports and lookups).

By looking at MongoDB docs I can see that there is a "buildIndexes" config option for replica set. Is there a downside of disabling indexes on a machine that is only used for writes? Would I need to "lock" a machine in a replica set to be always Master?

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It seems that you need set buildIndexes option to false for write machine:

When false, prevent secondary indexes from being created on this member. This is typically used on machines that are pure "backup" machines that are never queried. By not having the secondary indexes, the member performs less works on writes and requires less ram. Note the _id index is still created. Can only be set to false if priority:0. It is rare to use this option.

But in general i guess that for reports you need option to build indexes in background for both machines. But seems that mongodb doesn't support background index building well for replica set.

RavenDB build indexes in background by default (only a week ago was added option to build in sync ;)). I guess background indexes best solution for reports.

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