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I'm having an issue trying to get my SQL query which works fine in SQL Developer (Oracles free database tool) to also work using Spring's NamedParameterJdbcTemplate class.

My query is:

String sql = " SELECT COUNT(*) FROM ( " +
                    " SELECT FE.USR_ID, MAX(FE.DATE_FIRST_SUB) AS SUB_DATE " +
                    " FROM FC, FE " +
                    " WHERE FC_STATUS = 'MEMBER' " +
                    " AND FC.FC_SPC_ID = :spcId " +
                    " AND FE.FE_USR_ID = FC.FC_USR_ID " +
                    " AND FE.DATE_FIRST_SUB IS NOT NULL " +
                    " GROUP BY FE_USR_ID " +
                 " ) " +
                 " WHERE SUB_DATE BETWEEN TO_DATE('01-JUN-2011', 'DD-MON-YYYY') AND TO_DATE('01-JUL-2011', 'DD-MON-YYYY') ";

It has something to do with my dates, formatting perhaps? When I don't use the WHERE clause in the outer select it works, when it's included 0 is returned from the count - as I mentioned running the SQL directly returns expected results.

Any advice?


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Nothing obvious. Are you sure you are connecting to the same database/user. Without the outer WHERE, what is the MAX DATE_FIRST_SUB for that spcID ? –  Gary Myers Jun 28 '11 at 23:59

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Oh my, I was in fact looking at the wrong database!!

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