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I am trying to create a feature that allows search results to be displayed by this formula sum(weight1*text relevance score, weight2 * price). weight1 and weight2 are numeric values that can be changed to influence the search results.

I am sending the following query params to the Solr instance for searching.


My understanding is that when using dismax, Solr/Lucene looks for the search text in all the fields specified in the qf param.

Currently my search results are similar to those I get when qf does not including a price. I think this is because price is a numeric field and there is not text match.

Is it possible to rank search results based on this formula - sum(weight1*text relevance score, weight2 * price).

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You were almost there! The syntax of qf is qf=field^weight and not the other way around.

See this document for more details.

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