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Is it possible to conditionally include a protocol? For example, below is some code that does not work, but should give you an idea what I'm referring to. I only want the interface AdWhirlDelegate to be included if ads are turned on.

// this works fine
#import "AdWhirlView.h"

// this does NOT work
@interface MyAppDelegate : NSObject <UIApplicationDelegate #if ADS_SUPPORTED ,AdWhirlDelegate #endif>
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You could do:

@interface MyAppDelegate : NSObject <UIApplicationDelegate,AdWhirlDelegate>
@interface MyAppDelegate : NSObject <UIApplicationDelegate>

...but then IB can get a little confused. See this answer, which presents an alternative to that.

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That won't work

Repeat the interface declaration twice , one with the protocol and one without blocked inside the #if/#else/#endif structure

Preprocessor directives will only work in a non nested way like your header include.

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