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I have code where this is declared:

 public IDictionary<string, OPTIONS> dict_Options = new Dictionary<string, OPTIONS>();

 public class OPTIONS
        public string subjectId = string.Empty;
        public string varNumber = string.Empty;
        public string varName = string.Empty;

What's the easiest way to iterate over all the varNames in my dictionary object? Is there like a foreach?

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        foreach (var item in dict_Options)
            string varName = item.Value.varName;

This iterates through all the KeyValuePair<T, T> in your dictionary

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Just to add an alternative to the great answers already posted, you could do:

dict_Options.Keys.ToList().ForEach(m => SomeFunc(m.Value.varName));
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...How could m.Value return something if m is actually the Key? I would write dict_Options.Keys.ToList().ForEach(m => SomeFunc(dict_Options[m])); – Emaborsa Apr 28 '15 at 6:24
foreach(var name in dict_Options.Select(x => x.Value.varName))
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